cast iron foundery

cast iron foundery

cast iron foundery

Nuova Fonderia, the Italian Cast Iron Foundery

Nuova Fonderia di Castenedolo S.p.A. is the Italian cast iron foundery specialized in cast iron production.

Cast iron is often preferred to steel as it offers considerable cost savings.

Cast iron is an alloy, blend of the elements iron, carbon and silicon.

This material is used to manufacture such items as the construction of buildings and many other objects. Among those, cast iron is used in cookware to produce skillets, pots and pans.

In Construction cast iron is used for posts and beams to hold up structures and also in pipe plumbing. Cast iron was also used to produce bridges during the Sixteenth century.

Cast iron is also used for things like manhole covers and drainpipes, cylinder blocks for car engines, cookers and cookware.