Castings plants and tapping

castings plants and tapping

Our factory: casting plants and electric furnaces

Nuova Fonderia di Castenedolo casting plants can reach a yearly output of 25,000 tons overall, with the use of three electric furnaces of 50, 65 and 22 tons.

Casting is made with pneumatic reversing ladles with capacities from 10 T to 55 T.

Iron Casting Plants


Our Iron Casting System provides the following actions:


  1. Dosage (adjusting) the scale of ductile iron or hematite iron for casting.
  2. Separation of the impurities.
  3. Distribution of the cast iron to ensure a correct filling and help aim the solidification to the sprue.


We make several checks throughout the whole process to ensure the quality of Iron Casting but also of the equipment and the entire production phase.


Quality checks are carried out within the laboratory where we perform chemical analysis of raw materials and where we control the mechanical properties of the castings.


Instead in the testing department we do the so-called non-destructive testing such as checking to ultrasound and x-rays.


The use of X-rays, for example, allows to identify the presence of cracks and porosities inside the casting.