Iron casting


Nuova Fonderia di Castenedolo

Cast Iron Foundery: Cast Iron Ingot Mould Production

Nuova Fonderia di Castenedolo - today on a surface area of 280,000 m2, of which 20,000 covered - starts its activity of cast iron ingot mould production as a family-run business in 1938. In the 50s it becomes Fonderie di Brescia when it starts producing small iron casting for the mechanical sector. In 1971 it changes its name in Fonderia di Castenedolo starting a specializing process in the production of big iron casting for the steel sector. 


In 1994 after some changes in the company shares, it becomes Nuova Fonderia di Castenedolo. Thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit and the great enthusiasm of Dr. Pietro Piccioli the foundry develops fast in that period, reaching its maximum yearly output of about 25,000 tons. A 50 T electric induction smelting furnace, a 65 T electric induction smelting furnace and a 25 Telectric crucible furnace grant its maximum production capacity.


All equipments, including those for lifting and handling, are appropriate to the size of used and made products, with a total maximum weight of about 100 tons.


Today  Nuova Fonderia di Castenedolo is highly specialized in hematite cast iron production and spheroidal cast iron productionHematite cast iron fly-wheels up to 100 T/each and spheroidal cast iron up to 30 T.


In particular Nuova Fonderia di Castenedolo produces ingot moulds, slag pots, plates, counter plates, tundish covers, sprues, hot tops, grounds, other Iron Casting and all the Products made from Iron. 


The high quality of our materials, products, systems and work is attested by EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certification.


Thanks to many years of experience, a refined organizational system and high technology, we are able to guarantee quality, efficiency and flexibility for each market requirement.


Nuova Fonderia di Castenedolo S.p.A. got:
- EN ISO 9001:2008 quality certification
- CER 100299-100399-150104-170405-191001-191202

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