Machining of cast irons and ingot moulds

The characteristics of the machining and the components basis of the iron itself.

Cast irons are hard materials. They are therefore not very resistant when subjected to tensile and bending, but exhibit good resistance when subjected to compression and corrosion. Cast iron has an excellent castability. This allows to realize with this material of the parts with even very complex shapes, via the different techniques for cast iron machining. The cast iron in fact has a good workability, thanks to the presence of graphite and is very often machined dry.

The characteristics of the machining cast iron are influenced by components basis of the iron itself. So depending on that the cast iron has a ferrite matrix, Ferritic-Pearlitic perlirica or can change resistance, workability and hardness. Typical machining of cast iron is the wear of the tools used, especially working cast irons with sand inclusions and at high speed.


Our iron casting system allows us to obtain iron casting products of all shapes and sophisticated design.


Moreover, our iron casting products are also resistant to very high temperatures, they are so resistant  and durable for long time.


The features which allow to use iron casting products in many applications and in a very convenient way are:



In our fondery, thanks to a new numerical machine , we are able to work iron casting up to 120 tons and up to a dimension of 7750x8000. 


The foundry counts on:

2 vertical lathes

4 boring machines of which 2 CNC

1 2000x2000 hacksaw

1 GF 60 t sandblast

Various lifting means