With constant changes to sector regulation and numerous interpretations of the regulations by different authorities‭ (‬who often change based on geography or the entity involved‭), ‬waste management is always a topical and relevant subject for businesses‭. ‬Waste management is of public interest and is based on the principles of precaution‭, ‬prevention‭, ‬sustainability‭, ‬fairness and accountability‭. ‬It also depends on the cooperation of all those involved in the production‭, ‬distribution‭, ‬use and consumption of goods‭ ‬that produce waste‭ (‬respecting the principle of competition‭) ‬as well as the principle of‭ ‬“the polluter pays”‭. ‬


A new mixer in foundry

6 October 2022|

A few days ago a new machine was put into operation in the foundry. It's a double-arm continuous mixer with a capacity of dispensing sand and reagents from 20 to 60 t/h. It's mounted [...]

  • Nel 2020 la produzione mondiale di getti è calata.

The global production of castings dropped in 2020

5 May 2022|

Although the health emergency caused by the Covid-19 epidemic has had a major impact on all countries, with some very restrictive measures implemented to contain the pandemic and blocks on production, according to the latest [...]

Energy efficiency and efficiency titles

27 March 2022|

The search for sustainability is one of the cornerstones for any company that wishes to adapt to efficiency standards both for the use of raw materials and for energy resources. Current trends reward companies that [...]

People: the heart of projects and innovation

13 March 2022|

The fear that machines may one day replace people within the company runs through the entire history of technological innovation from the very beginning until today. Looking at the past, however, it is clear that [...]